Mac's Pads

Introducing the new Mac's Pad

Our latest product was born of the need to protect our Aluma trailer deck while hauling heavy loads of scrap in recycling bins. The sharp edges would surely have made unsightly marks on the trailer surface. That's when ingenuity stepped in. To cushion the corners of the bins, we began using pieces of the same rubber we use for all of our molded rubber products.

We've since found a multitude of uses for these rubber pads and decided it was time to introduce them to our customers.

Protects a Variety of Surfaces

Whether you're hauling a car chassis on a beautiful aluminum trailer or a freshly painted chassis on an old wood deck trailer, the Mac's Pad will protect both the surface and the cargo. It's also an excellent way to protect the rubrail or headache bar if loads extend past them. They are also great between layers of cargo that need protecting. Made of a durable 1/4" thick rubber this is difficult to tear, these pads are sure to protect all finishes.

The Mac's Pad can even be used during a standard tie-down situation to protect corners of a load or to help prevent strap abrasion on sharp edges. If using this way, be sure to check the Mac's Pad often for wear and abrasion. Sharp edges are a tie down's worst enemy.

Grips the Load

In addition to protecting surfaces, the Mac's Pad provides excellent grip, making it easy to keep your load in place while keeping it secure. Place pads strategically under the load before getting your tie-downs out and it's sure to stay in place.

Made in the USA

We carefully cut each Mac's Pad in our Sandpoint, Idaho shop, allowing us to retain a level of quality that is often lost when manufacturing is outsourced. Plus, we feel good about creating American jobs!