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How to Order Your Custom Wheel Nets

Watch How to Measure Your Wheel then call us with the following information:

  1. Tire Height: To measure the height of your vehicle's tire, simply measure from the ground to the top-most portion of the tire, in inches, as shown below.
  2. Tire Width: Measure the width of the tire at it's widest point, as shown below. This will likely be the sidewall. Please note that you will want to measure the actual width of the tire, rather than using the dimensions embossed on the side of the tire.
  3. Vehicle Constraints: Give us an understanding of the room available around the tires to route the nets and straps:
    • Wheel well clearance: Is it an open wheel or closed wheel vehicle? Is there minimal space between the tire and the wheel well? Does the wheel well closely follow the curvature of the tire?
    • Ground clearance: Is there sufficient clearance under the vehicle to allow the operation of a ratchet?
  4. Trailer Constraints: Give us an understanding of how the vehicle will be loaded and secured.
    • Trailer Type: Is it an open or closed trailer?
    • Attachment Points: If there are existing anchor points, such as a track system, note the location in relation to where the wheels of the vehicle will rest.
measuring racing slick
measuring UTV tire
Racing slicks to UTV tires, measuring for custom wheel nets is easy.

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