Sales Tax

Our Sales Tax Policy

Due to recent changes to sales tax laws, we have revised our sales tax policy to reflect the current laws. In states that have enacted a threshold at which remote sellers must collect and remit sales tax, we will monitor and react accordingly.

Will I be charged for sales tax?

We collect and remit sales tax based on state and local requirements.

You haven't charged me tax before, why now?

Tax laws for online sales are changing as a result of the recent Supreme Court Decision in South Dakota v Wayfair, Inc. We are making every attempt to comply with these laws whenever they apply to our customers and us.

At this time, all orders shipped or picked up in all US locations with the exception of Guam and the District of Columbia, are subject to sales tax. 

I am tax exempt; how do I place my order without sales tax being applied?

If you are tax-exempt, please contact us so we can collect the necessary documents. We will be able to store this information within your account and apply the tax exemption on future orders.