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Mac's 10,000 lbs. Capacity Lashing Winch

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Pivot Plate With Shop Crane: SEMA 2012
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Mac's Recovery Strap, Premium Quality Made in the USA

Mac's Makes Securing Your Vehicle on Any Truck Easy

Mac's Makes Custom Products Everyday

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Introducing Mac's Pivot Plate!

Mac's Pivot Plate makes installing and removing engines a breeze!

Hotchkis Chooses Mac's

John Hotchkis of Hotchkis Sport Suspension talks about why he uses Macs Custom Tie Downs on his pro-touring Challenger and all the Hotchkis company vehicles.

Trail D-Vise Video

We shot this video in the shop, showing some of the applications for our new Trail D-Vise, a truly unique product that gives you a heavy-duty vise wherever you need one!

Chip says Mac's tie downs hold up under extreme stress.

Brett from RideTech talks about Mac's

How-To and Info

Victor from Mother's talks about Mac's

Doug Cooper, Ridler Award Winner talks about Mac's

Proper Tie Down Use

The best ratchet handle in the world is useless with less than two wraps around the mandrel. This video shows one of Mac's ratchet handles, and counts out six full cranks to equal two full wraps - getting a mechanical lock. If you get less, the ratchet may seem tight when you set it up, but down the road it may vibrate loose.

Press and Articles Featuring Mac's

Off Road Magazine March 2009 has a great article about safe towing, featuring Mac's:

Adventure Trailers Composite Drawer System Offers Strong, Light-Weight, Safe, Storage Solutions For Your Vehicle, which use our VersaTie track around the top edge of the cargo box. Read more about it Adventure Trailers Composite Drawer System here: here.

Chassis Stabilizer

Here's a great video detailing our Chassis Stabilizer:

Mac's at PRI

World of Trucks shot this video at the Performance Racing Industry show, detailing the Mac's difference:

Tie-Downs 101

This video was taken at last year's Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, and has some good, basic info on how to tie down a vehicle:

Tie-Down Tricks

Inspection and Maintenance Tips

Inspection: Always inspect straps prior to each use. Webbing that is cut, frayed or abraded should be replaced immediately. Mac's offers rewebbing services for used assemblies as well. Just give us a call or email for info.

Never use any oils, solvents, acids, etc. on the webbing itself. When necessary only lube the mechanical workings of a ratchet or cam buckle with a lightweight lube such as WD-40.

Exposure to Sunlight: Even though Mac's uses only top quality webbing with UV protection to make assemblies, sunlight is still a killer. When not in use, don't leave your straps laying around on the deck of your trailer in the sunlight. Ideally, store them in a cool dry location. This will greatly prolong the life of your straps.

Routing: Be careful of how your straps are routed. Avoid sharp edges or abrasive surfaces whenever possible. If this cannot be done, make sure you add some protection between the webbing and the surface in question. Keep in mind that Mac's offers straps with sleeve protector already in place.

Cleaning your Straps: Warm, soapy water and a good scrub brush is the best method. Once the cleaning is complete, hang the straps up to air dry. Avoid cleansers with bleach or acid as these will weaken the webbing.