2" Fixed Ends

Fixed End Replacements or Conversion Options

A Fixed End is the traditional end configuration, where a fixed length of webbing, approximately 9" long, separates the attachment hook from the ratchet handle. It can be used with most of our Ratchet Strap assemblies or in place of a Direct Hook Ratchet when you need a little extra length for your strap.

This 2 inch ratchet straps assembly is rated at 10,000lb load capacity, giving you plenty of safety margin. Only the highest quality strap material is used, which significantly improves chafing and UV resistance over "standard" straps.

Offered With or Without a Ratchet for Maximum Flexibility

We offer our Fixed End either with or without a ratchet to give you the ultimate choice. If you already have a Direct Hook Ratchet, you can select this item without a ratchet. In this case, remove the bolt holding the Twisted Snap Hook in place, put the loop opening into the ratchet and replace the bolt. You might also choose this option if the webbing is damaged but the ratchet is still functional.

If you simply need to replace the entire Fixed End portion of an existing strap or want the flexibility to use with any variety of Running Ends, order it with the ratchet.

Choose Your Attachment Style

At Mac's we offer a variety of attachment styles as we know not all tie-down situations are the same. With 4 different options to choose from, we have a solution for all of your tie-down needs.

  • 10K Flat Snap Hook.

    Twisted Snap Hook

    Our 10,000 lb rated Twisted Snap Hook is a perfect choice for multiple applications. Other attachments put a twist in the webbing, while our Twisted Snap Hook keeps everything lined up perfectly with most anchor points. This hook also features our patented Thumb Release, making removal a snap.

  • 10K Flat Snap Hook.

    Flat Snap Hook

    Our 10,000 lb rated Flat Snap Hook system is an great choice when the orientation of the D-Ring creates a twist in the webbing using other attachment styles. This hook also features our easy Thumb Release, making removal a snap. 


  • 10K Flat Hook.

    Black Flat Hook

    The 10,000 lb rated Black Flat Hooks are a favorite choice for anchoring your tie-down on rub rails, over the edge of a trailer or to the stake pockets.



  • 10K Wire Hook.

    Wire Hook

    The 10,000 lb rated Wire Hooks also provide many tie-down options, including to stake pockets, D-Rings, or rub rails.




Easy Release Ratchet

The easy release ratchet handle eliminates any adjustment stickiness

Recent design changes to our ratchet handles make them better than ever! The strap mandrel is now free-wheeling, eliminating any "stickiness" common when adjusting most other ratchets.

The one piece handle and addition of mandrel caps makes this handle 40% more rigid and keeps debris out of the moving parts.

Made in the USA

We carefully sew and assemble each tie down strap in our Sandpoint Idaho shop, allowing us to retain a level of quality that is often lost when manufacturing is outsourced. Plus, we feel good about creating American jobs!