Chainsaw Scabbard

The Best Way to Transport Your Chainsaw

Mac's Chainsaw Scabbard provides a secure, quick-release mounting point for your chainsaw, while freeing up floor or bed space on your Jeep, ATV/UTV, emergency vehicle or bike

Two Sizes to Hold Any Size Chainsaw

Our original 20" Chainsaw Scabbard is designed to hold larger, full-size saws, while our NEW 14" Chainsaw Scabbard is designed for smaller saws and tight spaces. Simply slide the chainsaw bar into the scabbard and tighten the bar clamp to lock your chainsaw in place. The open ended design accommodates any bar length.

Mounts Anywhere

Integrated flange run the full length of the scabbard body. This makes it flexible enough to mount in a location that is convenient for you. Drill holes anywhere along the flange to mount to your vehicle's structure.

NEW! Optional Mounting Kit

We are excited to offer a new mounting kit option that includes almost everything you need to easily mount the Chainsaw Scabbard. The kit is designed to attach to most domestic tube sizes or rollbars. For proper fit, measure your tube or bar with calipers and select the correlating size mounting kit option.

    When you select the optional mounting kit, you will get:

  • Two (2) pieces of aluminum flat-bar that are ready for you to drill where mounting holes are needed (no mounting hardware included)
  • Two (2) bar clamps and mounting hardware in selected size and finish


The integrated security tab keeps your chainsaw from walking away when your vehicle is unattended. After tightening the black clamp against the chainsaw bar, hook a padlock (not included) over the handle of the bar clamp and through the hole on the security tab. The handle is prevented from turning and the clamp stays locked in place. For added security, be sure to attach the scabbard with Tamper-proof® screws or other tamper-resistant hardware.