Chassis Stabilizer - Rectangular, with Hose Kit

Added support for your low ground clearance vehicle!

A chassis stabilizer inhibits vertical movement of your vehicle during transport

Place the Mac's Chassis Stabilizer directly under your race car, show car or collectable car prior to transport to prevent damage or wear on the chassis, suspension components, electronics, struts, springs, torsion bars and on-board computers.

Simply slide the deflated stabilizer under the most flexible point in the chassis and inflate it to 15-20 PSI. It will support some of the weight of the vehicle and minimize the effects of trailering.

The Rectangular Chassis Stabilizer is designed for low clearance cars and for use with beaver tail trailers. Its sleek, 1-1/8" height design allows it to slide under the lowest ground clearance vehicles. Inflates to a maximum height of 4 inches and is recommended for applications where the chassis is 1-1/8 inches to 3 inches from the trailer floor.

The chassis stabilizer is manufactured with a proprietary heavy duty elastic rubber compound, with a high strength internal composite support structure. It's low profile, high strength design allows the chassis stabilizer to be positioned under the lowest of cars and still provide a stabilizing air ride, when inflated to its working height of up to 4 inches.

Mac's Chassis Stabilizer is the perfect companion to the Drag Pack.

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NHRA racer Larry Dixon trusts the Mac's Chassis Stabilizer