Combination Axle Strap by Mac's

Save money without compromising quality or performance!

Combining the axle straps and ratchet straps keeps cost down while maintaining the same high quality Mac's is know for.

The Perfect Replacement Strap for your Super Pack

This single strap is the same as those sold as part of our Super Pack offering and is an excellent replacement for straps that may be worn or deteriorated.

Fabricated using the thickest material and highest stitch count available, each 10,000 lb rated 2 inch strap is finished with a Twisted Snap Hook, to ensure optimal alignment when hauling your high clearance vehicle.

Only the highest quality strap material is used, which significantly improves chafing and UV resistance over "standard" straps.

Chose Your Ratchet End Style

  • Direct Hook Ratchet

    This option features the complete strap assembly, including the Direct Hook Ratchet. By far our most popular option, the Direct Hook Ratchet keeps the ratchet handle out from under your chassis.

  • Sewn Fixed End with Ratchet

    This option features the complete strap assembly, including the Sewn Fixed End with ratchet. The sewn end is the traditional end configuration, where a 9 in fixed length of webbing separates the attachment hook from the ratchet handle.

  • Without Ratchet

    If your ratchet is still in great shape but your strap needs updating, select this option to receive only the strap portion of this item, commonly referred to as the Running End. Simply pull the strap material out of the ratchet, feed the new strap through and you're ready to go!

Integrated Axle Straps Ruggedized for Wear

The Direct Hook option makes it easy to adjust tie downs under your vehicle.
Advantages of the Direct Hook Option

Mud, dirt and sharp edges can fuzz and degrade a strap from the regular chaffing during transport. That's why we add an additional layer of protection around the axle portion of each strap. We add a 20-inch Cordura sleeve around the axle portion of the strap to shield your tie down from excessive wear.

Made in the USA

We carefully sew and assemble each tie down strap in our Sandpoint, Idaho shop, allowing to retain a level of quality that is often lost to outsource. Plus, we feel good about creating American jobs!