Continuous Loop Utility Pack

Bundle Your Cargo Cleanly With This Simple Strap

Our continuous loop utility strap is a great bundling solution

There are times when you need to cinch up loose cargo, but don't necessarily need (or want) a tie-down point. The Mac's Endless Loop Tie-Down Strap Pack consists of only a strap and a tensioner; no end hooks. You simply run the strap around your cargo and right back through the tensioner. Your goods are bundled cleanly without the need to hook the ends together, as you would with a conventional strap.

A Continuous Loop Utility Strap Pack also comes in handy when your attachment points aren't suitable for an anchor hook, such as threading through the handle of a cooler. It also avoids cosmetic damage, such as when you need to secure your cooler to the handrail on your boat!

Choose Your Tensioner Type

  • Choose the ratchet tensioner for securing heavier loads.


    The Ratchet tensioner is recommended for heavier applications, such as for the transport of heavy motorcycles, small recreational vehicles or building materials and lumber. The wide, comfortable ratchet handle allows for the development of higher tension with improved slip resistance. The ratchet may not be a good choice if high strap tension could damage the cargo.

    Mac's Ratchets are well known for how easily they operate, every time. Our unique design resists the binding that can occur on other ratchets from dirt or racking.

  • Choose the Cam Buckle tensioner for quicker setup and when cargo might be damaged by excessive tension.

    Cam Buckle

    The Cam Buckle offers a low-profile tensioner that cinches quicker and is perfect for cargo that might be damaged by excessive tension, such as kayaks or other thin-walled equipment.

    The Cam Buckle features a spring-loaded thumb-depressed cam, with teeth that engage the strap to hold cargo firmly in place. To adjust, simply thread the strap through the cam buckle and pull taut. Because the Cam Buckle does not have the leverage of a ratchet tensioner, the risk of damage to lightweight cargo is minimized.

    Electroplated for corrosion protection.

An American Manufacturing Company

We carefully sew and assemble each tie-down strap in our Sandpoint, Idaho shop, allowing us to retain a level of quality that is often lost when manufacturing is outsourced. Plus, we feel good about creating American jobs!