Double Stud Anchor Plate Assembly

For a robust tie-down location that does not need adjustment; perfect for vehicle tie-down points.

Custom Look Without the Cost

This anchor plate provides a sleek, finished look, since it is precision milled using the same wide and smooth profile of our Series 3 VersaTie track. When the fitting is removed the anchor plate is smooth and unobtrusive. This is particularly beneficial for multi-use trailers. When not using for hauling a vehicle, you can even add multiple VT-1000 Single Stud Tie-Down Rings for additional hard points to secure various cargo.

Built to Withstand the Elements

For long-lasting performance, the anchor plate is manufactured from rugged aircraft-grade aluminum. The mild steel backing plate is zinc-dipped to inhibit corrosion. Stainless steel screws and self-locking whiz nuts are provided to attach the assembly to your structure to ensure years of trouble-free service.

Choose Your Attachment Style

Pear-Shaped Ring

The anchor point kit with pear-shaped rings provides an easy attachment point for use with our ratchet or other type of hook.


Our anchor point kit with Idler is a great solution to use with our Tire Block Straps or Wheel Nets, especially if your trailer already has D-Rings and you don't want to run track the full length of your trailer. This option allows you to run the strap out and away from the body of the vehicle, avoiding contact with paint and body.

Easy Installation

The Double Stud Anchor Plate is pre-drilled with three countersunk holes. After drilling matching holes in the main structure, simply insert the screws through the anchor plate and structure, then thread on and tighten the self-locking whiz nuts.

Made in the USA

All VersaTie tracks are fabricated right here in Idaho. This allows us to have better quality control, quicker turn-around time on custom orders and it also supports American jobs!