GripLockTies are an innovative way to solve the problems typically experienced with standard rigid zip ties, plus they're reusable! Where rigid ties can damage wires, cables or whatever you're securing, GripLockTies fix all those issues and are now available through Mac's Tiedowns!

Quality Materials

GripLockTies are made of quality materials that provide a variety of benefits. Originally designed for aviation and racing, these ties feature UV protected nylon and a rubberized liner.

The patented rubber lining prevents the need to over-tighten a zip tie just for a secure fit. It also helps eliminate movement and prevents damage to wires, paint, or structural components and can save money spent on separate cushioning material.

Easy to Use and Reusable

GripLockTies function much like a tradition zip tie but feature a unique releasable tab that allows you to either reposition the tie or remove it and use it again in a different application.

If you have to run an additional wire, no problem! Just press the release tab with your thumb, thread the additional wire through and reseal for much less hassle than cutting rigid ties and having to restring everything.

A Variety of Uses

These GripLockTies were originally designed for air racing and automotive environments, so they are an excellent solution in high vibration applications. In addition, they are perfect for us with UTV's, ATV's, motorcycles, and more.

These ties can also be used just about anywhere in your home or shop where you would find or use a rigid tie, such as for bundling computer cables and wires, extension cords and more.