HD Tube Track

NOTE - Price reflects a $20 shipping surcharge per piece.

The Strongest Track Solution in the Industry

The one-of-a-kind HD Tube Track (Patent Pending) is the strongest track solution in the industry and specifically designed to replace a partial strip of your trailer's wood decking. When installed, the HD Tube Track lies flush with the trailer deck. Attachment holes hit common trailer cross-member center lines and can be bolted or welded in place.

Heavy-Duty Construction for Heavy-Duty Hauling

The Mac's HD Tube Track is manufactured from 1.5" x 1.5" x .1875" steel tubing and tested to 10,000-pound Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS).

Anchor Points and Accessories Available

The Mac's HD Tube Track accepts the Low-Profile Lashing Winch or a D-Ring using a trolley attached to the base that locks into the HD Tube Track. Both locate on 2" increments the length of the track.

Note: Both the Low-Profile Lashing Winch and D-Ring must have the trolley attached to the base to be compatible with the HD Tube Track. If you already own a D-Ring or Low-Profile Lashing Winch, and would like to use either anchor point on the HD Tube Track, call us at 800-666-1586.

At times, the crossmember might not coincide with the laser-cut 3/8" hole on a 2" centerline. Optional 3/8" thick laser-cut spacers are available with the HD Tube Track and also sold individually.

Easy to Install

Important Information

The HD Tube Track ships in raw form (no powder coating or paint) and in 8-foot lengths only. Please call 800-666-1586 to discuss custom lengths.

Due to the weight of the HD Tube Track, a $20 surcharge will be added to each piece of HD Tube Track within an order.

Made in the USA

The HD Tube Track is made right here in Sandpoint. This allows us to have superior quality control and supports American jobs.