Lasso Axle Strap w/ Sleeve

Designed to Fit Through Tight Spaces

These Axle Straps feature a seamless Delta ring on one end and a sewn loop on the other. This allows you to use a Mac's axle strap even when the wheel openings aren't large enough to allow a Delta ring to pass through. It is also a great option when the brake discs are in the way of using a standard Axle Strap.

Pass the sewn looped end of this Axle Strap through the wheel, feed the Delta ring through the loop, then connect your ratchet strap directly to the Delta ring. Remember you should always connect metal to metal; don't connect your ratchet strap to the loop end as that will cause wear to the webbing which may result in strap failure.

Lasso Axle Straps Ruggedized for Wear

Mud, dirt and sharp edges can fuzz and degrade a strap from the regular chaffing during transport. That's why we add an additional layer of protection around the axle portion of each strap. A full-length Cordura sleeve shields the Axle Strap from excessive wear.

Optional Fleece Sleeve

If protecting the finish of the wheel is critical, try adding the Mac's Protective Fleece Sleeve. This 3/8" padded fleece sleeve features an integral piece of foam padding and a Velcro closure, allowing the fleece to be removable for washing.

Custom Lengths

Need a custom length Axle Strap? No problem! Give us a call at 1.800.666.1586