Mac's PiVOT - Articulated Engine Lift Plate

The Easiest and Quickest Way to Remove and Install Your Engine/Transmission

The Mac's PiVOT is an articulated engine lift plate that allows the angle of an engine and transmission to be easily adjusted while on a hoist, making engine installation and removal quick and stress free.

The Mac's PiVOT Articulated Engine Lift Plate

The Mac's PiVOT bolts to the intake manifold and has an adjustable arm that controls tilt of a complete V-8 engine and transmission up to 35° angle. Simply bolt the PiVOT to the carburetor flange (or cylinder heads using an EFI adapter), hook your cherry picker to the pivot point at the top of the plate and begin to raise or lower your engine. Engines and transmissions can be tilted for install and then straightened and bolted in while still on the hoist, without the need for a jack under the transmission.

48 Hour Camaro Challenge - Removing the engine using the Mac's PiVOT

The direct bolt-on design of the Mac's PiVOT not only eliminates the lashing problem that can be encountered with chains, but also eliminates the problem of finding a place to attach chains to keep the engine level side to side. The compact design clears the firewall when the engine and transmission are tilted upward and keeps from scratching freshly painted firewalls.

48 Hour Camaro Challenge - Installing the engine using the Mac's PiVOT

How It Works

The Mac's PiVOT uses the center of gravity to control the rotation of the engine and transmission. Adjusting the PiVOT's easy-turn orientation bolt causes a small shift in the center of gravity of the engine/transmission, relative to the cherry picker attach point. The engine/transmission reacts to this shift by gently rotating into its new equilibrium.

Smooth and Strong

The Mac's PiVOT is operated by turning the 1/2" orientation bolt. This bolt is precision-machined to ensure smooth, easy operation with only 25 ft-lbs of torque required. This low operating torque gives you the option of using an impact wrench or simply adjusting the engine angle manually with a socket wrench.

The Mac's PiVOT is built to last. The body is fabricated of thick steel plate and full-length welds. With a 1,200 lb capacity, it will not bend like other adjustable lift plates. The grade 8 cap screws are rated to 1500lb, to provide safe use for all iron and aluminum manifolds.

Fits Most 2 and 4 Barrel Carburetors and More

18 minutes to install a flathead and '39 trans using Mac's PiVOT and optional adapter plate

The Mac's PiVOT includes several different hole patterns, supporting attachment to the most popular two and four barrel carburetors, including:

  • Rochester
  • Carter
  • Holley
  • Stromberg
  • 1050 Holley Dominator
  • For racing-specific, unusual applications or fuel-injected engines, the Mac's PiVOT can be fitted with one of several optional adapter plates (sold separately).

    Other Uses for the Mac's Pivot

    The Mac's PiVOT is not limited to engine/transmission installation! The Mac's PiVOT works great for:

  • Re-aligning engine dowel pins. Use the Mac's PiVOT to re-align the engine dowel pins to the transmission when only the engine is removed.
  • Fabricating engine mounts. Use the Mac's PiVOT to allow the correct angle to be maintained while fabricating engine and transmission mounts.
  • Aligning engine and transmission mounts. When working on race cars, it allows precision alignment of the engine and transmission mounts and saves valuable time.
  • Removing automotive-type marine engines. It also works on marine inboards with automotive-type engines.
  • Made in the USA

    We manufacture the Mac's PiVOT right here in the USA. This allows us to control quality and support American jobs!