Soft Loop - 1" Wide - Pair

Soft Loops Protect the Finish and Provide Versatility When Hauling All Types of Cargo

The Mac's soft loop extensions are perfect for looping around the handle bars, triple trees, or other parts of your bike, eliminating direct contact with hardware. Each loop is fabricated from 4,000 lb double-stitch webbing, to meet the Mac's standard for strength and quality.

Our soft loop extensions also provide versatility when hauling all types of cargo. With no bulky hardware, they can easily slip through tight spaces, such as wheels, where they can act as as a wheel or axle strap. If your tie-down point is too big for the attachment fitting, you can use the soft loop first and then tie-off to your strap.

We also offer a soft loop extension that features sewn-in D-Rings for use with our Flat Snap Hooks. Since you should always put metal to metal to avoid wear on the webbing, these soft loops come standard with the Flat Snap Hook version of this pack.