Strap Band

Tie-Up Loose Ends

The Mac's Strap Band is an indispensable piece of any 1" pack. It also proves extremely helpful in many creative ways around the house, shop and yard.

Mac's Strap Band Ties Up Loose Webbing

The Mac's Strap Band is not a new item, however we are always thinking of clever ways to use this handy little accessory. Included as part of all of our 1" webbing packs, the Strap Band is a great solution for storing straps neatly, as well as a way to tie up excess webbing while hauling your load.

Too many times we see all the excess webbing flapping around in the wind, beating on your cargo. Instead, use the Strap Wrap to tie up all that loose webbing; check out the video to the right to see how.

One Little Accessory, MANY great uses!

In addition to tiring up webbing or straps, the Mac's Strap Band can be found in use all around our shop. From air lines, to extension cords, and even banding cords up and out of the way, these are handy little tools that you can put to work all around the house and shop.