Tire Block Strap Pack

A Sleek Tie-Down Solution Originally Designed for a US Supercar Manufacturer

Mac's Tire Block Straps provide a sleek, minimal-contact method for securing your show car for transport. Simply drape the 2" wide strap over your vehicle's tire and tighten the ratchet to compress the three molded rubber tire blocks against the tire. The tread lock teeth on each rubber block bites into the tire's rain groove to keep the strap centered.

A No-Contact, Low Profile Tie-Down Solution

One of the advantages of Mac's Tire Block Straps is that no part of the tie down comes into contact with the hard surfaces of your vehicle. By avoiding contact with the axle, chassis or wheels, risk of marring fine finishes is eliminated.

This low profile design is also favored by car owners who prefer a tie down that doesn't obscure any of the car's detail. Choose a black strap to allow the tie-down to blend into the tire, completing this unobtrusive look.

One Size Fits All

The generous 10 foot straps and moveable tire blocks adjust to fit any tire size, making them ideal for commercial carriers or anyone needing to secure a variety of vehicles. With the addition of an idler (included in the VersaTie and E/A Track options) and a track system, tire block straps make for a very flexible tie-down system.

Strong and Dependable

The Macs Tire Block Strap Pack includes four 10 foot long straps, each rated to a 10,000lb Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS), giving you plenty of safety margin.

Macs uses the highest quality strap material available, significantly improving chafing and UV resistance over "standard" straps.

Easy Release Ratchet

The easy release ratchet handle eliminates any adjustment stickiness

Recent design changes to our ratchet handles make them better than ever! The strap mandrel is now free-wheeling, eliminating any "stickiness" common when adjusting most other ratchets.

The one piece handle and addition of mandrel caps makes this handle 40% more rigid and keeps debris out of the moving parts.

Convenient Storage

Your Tire Block Strap Pack includes four Macs Strap Wraps. Use these to neatly hold excess strapping in place after the vehicle is secured. When you've arrived, use the strap wraps to bundle each strap for storage in the included Mac's Large Canvas Tool Bag.

The Mac's Large Canvas Tool Bag is constructed of a tough woven body and a heavy duty, large-lug zipper that is easily grasped when wearing gloves. An internal frame has been added to support the bag when it's open, making the contents more accessible.

The bag's generous interior is large enough to hold a complete set of 2" tie downs, with room to spare. The integral handles are made of black webbing that wraps around the bottom for better weight support and a hook-and-loop strap wraps around the handles to keep them together for easy transport.

Made in the USA

We carefully sew and assemble each tie down strap in our Sandpoint Idaho shop, allowing us to retain a level of quality that is often lost when manufacturing is outsourced. Plus, we feel good about creating American jobs!

Choose Your Attachment Style

    • Our easy release ratchet handle is better than ever.

      Twisted Snap Hook Attachment Style

      The Twisted Snap Hook system consists of captive hooks at each end. The advantage of these standard hook ends is that they can be used with most anchor points (e.g., D Rings) or track system (e.g., VersaTie, E Track, etc), provided the hard points and fittings support the 5,000 lb load requirement.

      Since this option does not have an included Idler fitting, they are best suited for vehicles with larger wheel wells. If clearance is an issue, the VersaTie and E Track options come with an idler and offer a better solution.

      VersaTie Tire Block Straps on Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

      VersaTie Track Attachment Style

      The VersaTie attachment option is designed specifically for use with the Mac's VersaTie track system or with our VersaTie Double Stud Anchor Plates. VersaTie track offers the most flexible system, offering anchor points every inch along the track.

      The VersaTie Tire Block Strap Pack includes end fittings that lock directly into the VersaTie Track. Each fitting is designed to a 5,000 lb Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS). The included VersaTie Idler fitting offers the lowest idler height in the industry, making it a good choice for vehicles with ground effects.

    • Our easy release ratchet handle is better than ever.

      E Track Attachment Style

      The E Track attachment option supports both standard E-Track or A-Track (aluminum) track systems. Because an E Track system's lateral load capability is lower than its vertical load capability, we've designed this system with a double fitting on the fixed end.