Utility Pack (ATV/Moto Pack) w/ Cam

Strong and Dependable Tie-downs for Motorcycles or General Cargo

Watch as we test our strap's breaking strength along side a competitor's strap.

Mac's 1" tie-down straps (lashing straps) are well known for their strength and dependability. There's good reason why.

It starts with our premium strapping. Rated to 4,000 lbs, the select nylon webbing material we use significantly improves chafing and UV resistance over "box store" straps.

Then, during construction of each strap, we sew all ends using the highest stitch count in the industry. You can see this in our characteristic "double box" stitch pattern that ensures maximum tear resistance. The result is a strap with an incredible 2,800 lb Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS)--more than enough strength for the biggest bike or cargo (recommended working load is 1/3 MBS).

The quality of Mac's 1" straps make them an excellent choice for securing your motorcycle or other important cargo.

Purpose Built to Hold Your Bike

There's a right way to tie down your bike and a wrong way. At Mac's, we're adamant about keeping your bike or utility vehicle in pristine condition. The Mac's Utility Pack (ATV/Moto Pack) securely holds your bike or ATV in place for the ride, without scuffs or scrapes

Our Utility Pack comes complete with your choice of 6-foot or 10-foot ratchet straps rated at 2800 lb minimum breaking strength (MBS) more than enough strength for the biggest bike (Recommended working load is 1/3 MBS). The S-Hooks on each of the tie downs are encased in a full coat of thick, ruggedized vinyl.

Soft Loops Protect the Finish and Provide Versatility When Hauling All Types of Cargo

Use the included soft loop extensions to loop around the handle bars, triple trees, or other parts of your bike, eliminating direct contact with hardware. Each loop is fabricated from 4000 lb double-stitch webbing, to meet the Mac's standard for strength and quality.

Our soft loop extensions also provide versatility when hauling all types of cargo. With no bulky hardware, they can easily slip through tight spaces, such as wheels, where they can act as as a wheel or axle strap. If your tie-down point is too big for the attachment fitting, you can use the soft loop first and then tie-off to your strap.

We also offer a soft loop extension that features sewn-in D-Rings for use with our Flat Snap Hooks. Since you should always put metal to metal to avoid wear on the webbing, these soft loops come standard with the Flat Snap Hook version of this pack.

Choose Your Attachment Style

  • Choose the S-Hook for attaching to structural components.


    The S-Hook option consists of a heavy-duty 3/8" diameter steel wire hook. This option is favored for its simplicity and ability to attach to metal rails or other locations where a captive hook would not otherwise work.

    Mac's S-Hooks are fully encased in a thick, ruggedized vinyl coating for added protection.

  • Choose the S-Hook with Keeper for attaching to structural components and still have the option of a captive hook.

    S-Hook with Keeper

    The S-Hook with Keeper option consists of the same heavy-duty 3/8" diameter steel wire, but with the addition of a spring loaded trap for keeping the hook connected. This option gives you the ability to attach to metal rails, while still having the option of a captive hook when attaching to standard tie-down hard points.

    Mac's S-Hook with Keeper is fully encased in a thick, ruggedized vinyl coating for added protection.

  • Choose the Flat Snap Hook option for added safety.

    Flat Snap Hook

    The Flat Snap Hook system consists of spring-loaded captive hooks at each end. This attachment style offers the advantage of preventing the strap from disconnecting even when slack develops. This makes securing cargo easier and is an added measure of safety for the journey.

    With the Flat Snap Hook option, the soft loop extensions will have a D-Ring sewn into each end. Remember, you always want to connect metal to metal so as to prevent wear of the webbing and potential strap failure.

    Flat Snap Hooks can be used with most anchor points (e.g., D-Rings) or track systems (e.g., VersaTie, E-Track, etc.), provided the hard points and fittings support the load requirement.

    Zinc plated for corrosion protection.

Choose Your Tensioner Type

    • Choose the ratchet tensioner for securing heavier loads.


      View 1" ratchet offerings

    • The Ratchet tensioner is recommended for heavier applications, such as for the transport of heavy motorcycles, small recreational vehicles or building materials and lumber. The wide, comfortable ratchet handle allows for the development of higher tension with improved slip resistance. The ratchet may not be a good choice if high strap tension could damage the cargo.

      Mac's Ratchets are well known for how easily they operate, every time. Our unique design resists the binding that can occur on other ratchets from dirt or racking.

    • Choose the Cam Buckle tensioner for quicker setup and when cargo might be damaged by excessive tension.

      Cam Buckle

      The Cam Buckle offers a low-profile tensioner that cinches quicker and is perfect for cargo that might be damaged by excessive tension, such as kayaks or other thin-walled equipment.

      The Cam Buckle features a spring-loaded thumb-depressed cam, with teeth that engage the strap to hold cargo firmly in place. To adjust, simply thread the strap through the cam buckle and pull taut. Because the Cam Buckle does not have the leverage of a ratchet tensioner, the risk of damage to lightweight cargo is minimized.

      Electroplated for corrosion protection.

Tie Up Loose Ends and Bag It

After tightening your straps, tuck away the excess with the included Mac's strap bands. Each strap band is made of "hook-and-loop" lined rugged strapping, to keep your ends from flapping in the breeze. When you arrive at your destination, use the strap bands to stow your tie-downs neatly in the included Mac's Small Black Duffle Bag.

The Mac's Small Black Duffle Bag is the perfect size to stow your tie downs. The tough canvas construction will take the bumps and bruises. The integral handles are made of webbing that wraps around the entire bag for better weight support. It's the perfect size to toss behind the seat in your truck, or in your car's trunk, for general purpose tie downs.

Made in the USA

We carefully sew and assemble each tie-down strap in our Sandpoint, Idaho shop, allowing us to retain a level of quality that is often lost when manufacturing is outsourced. Plus, we feel good about creating American jobs!