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Custom Designs

For over two decades, Mac's Custom Tie Downs has been a leading designer and producer of professional grade custom tie-down solutions for military, racing and professional vehicle owners and transporters.

Ford's Museum uses Mac's straps when transporting their priceless vehicles! Our uncompromising commitement to the safety of your precious cargo is why Ford Motor Company selected Mac's to develop its custom solution for securing five of its priceless cars for transport, including the Ford 1901 "Sweepstakes" Car (Ford's very first car!) and the Ford 1967 GT40 LeMans winner.

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Mac’s at SEMA 2019

Custom-Fit Wheel Nets for All Applications

Mac's Custom-Fit Wheel Nets are just that—custom. We take the section width, height, and tie-down locations into account and build a tailored solution for your vehicle. Maserati or monster truck, we do it all. Call us to discuss what would work best for you. Our more popular options include:

  • Fixed Point Wheel Net System with Idler and Ratchet
  • Fixed Point Wheel Net System with Lashing Winch
  • E-Track Wheel Net System with Idler and Ratchet
  • VersaTieTM Wheel Net System with Idler and Ratchet

Why Professionals Choose Mac's

Mac's has been favored by the U.S. military, NASCAR teams and world-class car collectors, as their tie down developer of choice. There are a number of reasons for this:


Mac's has trailblazed innovations in tie-down technology through patented innovations, premium material selection and unmatched fabrication techniques. Details such as generous stitch counts and twisted hook connectors (to better align with lines of force) ensure a product that will remain safe and durable for years to come. This craftsmanship is also what makes our tie downs so aesthetically pleasing, making Mac's a favorite when displaying cars at shows.


With 30 years of experience under our belt, we continue to maintain a narrow focus on building the best tie downs in the market. It's all we do—and we do it well.

Made to Order in Idaho

Bucking the trend of many tie-down manufacturers, our fabrication facility remains right here in Sagle, Idaho. Because of this, we can collaborate with you on your custom tie-down solution and manufacture a product to your exact specifications in a fraction of the time it would take to meet your needs from a company in a foreign land.

We Love Our Reputation

Much of our business comes by referral. There's a good chance you know someone who uses Mac's Tie Downs. Ask them what they think of our product. Or, watch these videos of delighted Mac's customers:

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For the finest quality tie-down components, complete security, fully stocked inventory and first class service, order from the best: Mac's Custom Tie-Downs.

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