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Mac's Short Chainsaw Scabbard and Bar Clamps


If you have an off-road vehicle, you understand the complexity of fitting all your necessary gear into a compact space. The Chainsaw Scabbard helps to free up space but could only be mounted to flat surfaces...until now.

Bar clamps create new mounting options to keep your Chainsaw Scabbard safely out of the way for all your necessary gear. The new bar-clamp mounts include:

  • Your choice of polished or black anodized finish
  • Two bar clamps with mounting hardware
  • Two pieces of aluminum flat-bar
chainsaw scabbard bar clamps
mounted chainsaw scabbard
14" Chainsaw Scabbard mounted to a bar

Choice of 14" Short Chainsaw Scabbard or 20" Long Chainsaw Scabbard

Mac's offers a 20" long scabbard for full-size saws, as well as a shorter 14" model to accommodate smaller saws.

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