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2" End Fittings and Attachment Styles


Mac's offers different 2" end fittings and attachment styles to suit your unique transportation situation.

2" End Fittings

Twisted Snap Hook

Unlike other attachments that create an unwanted twist in the webbing, we put the twist in the snap hook to keep everything perfectly lined up with most anchor points. This hook features our patented thumb release for easy removal, and is rated up to 10,000 lbs.

Twisted snap hook two inch tire block strap
Keep straps and tie-down points aligned with the twisted snap hook

Flat Snap Hook

When the orientation on the D-ring puts a twist in the webbing with other attachment hooks, the flat snap hook is an easy solution. Rated for 10,000 lbs., it features our patented thumb release for easy removal. The zinc-coated flat snap hook attachment offers the advantage of preventing the strap disconnection even when slack develops. This makes securing cargo easier and is an added measure of safety for the journey. Flat Snap Hooks can be used with most anchor points (e.g., D-Rings) or track systems (e.g., VersaTie, E-Track, etc.), provided the hard points and fittings support the load.

Flat snap hook two inch strap
Low-profile strength

Flat Hook

A favorite choice anchoring tie-downs on rub rails, the flat hook is rated for 10,000 lbs. and can also be used over the edge of a trailer, or on stake pockets.

Wire Hook

Ever versatile, the wire hook is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes with D-rings, rub rails or stake pockets. It’s rated for 10,000 lbs.

Transit Hooks

Industry standard "J", "T" or "R" hooks options ensure a perfect connection fit. Or, for maximum flexibility, select our Transit Cluster, which combines all three hook styles into a single assembly.

Ratchet End Attachment Styles

We offer both "sewn" and "direct hook" end configurations, however the direct hook is by far the most popular, since it keeps the ratchet handle out from under your chassis. Additionally, chain extensions provide a way to access awkward tie-down points without compromising the integrity of your webbing.

Sewn Fixed End with Ratchet

This option features the complete strap assembly, including the Sewn Fixed End with ratchet. The sewn end is the traditional end configuration, where a 9" fixed length of webbing separates the attachment hook from the ratchet handle.

Direct Hook Ratchet

Direct hook on a trailer
Pulls ratchet out for easier access during transport

This option features the complete strap assembly, including the Direct Hook Ratchet. It keeps the ratchet handle out from under your chassis for better accessibility. No more crawling under your vehicle to tighten or remove your strap.

Direct Hook Ratchet with Chain Extensions

Direct hook with chain extensions on a trailer
Allows for secure attachment without compromising strap material

Mac's 18.5" Grade 70 Chain Extensions are designed to move the strap material out of the danger zone without compromising tie-down load capacity. They're perfect for securing a load on a trailer with rub rails, stake pockets, or when anchor points are not available.

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