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Choose Mac's to Protect Your Show-Quality Builds


As an exhibitor, builder or attendee of the Grand National Roadster Show, you understand the time it takes to create an award-winning piece of art. Hours, months and even years are dedicated to perfecting every detail.


Not to mention the countless dollars spent. Now it’s time to haul your pride and joy to the show. The last thing you want to see when you open the trailer is a damaged vehicle, right? That’s why we continue to be surprised to see five-, six- and even seven-figure vehicles secured using generic $20 tie downs. Damage during transport due to load shifting can be linked to poor tie-down execution, whether the straps are simply old and worn, they’re not routed properly due to insufficient anchor points or that they are just not built to withstand the weight of the vehicle.

Over the span of our 25 years in the industry, we’ve come across numerous bad – and good – tie-down situations. Each example has helped us build the widest product line, all customizable to your specific vehicle and trailer. And they’re all made to order right here in Idaho. In the end, education is key. Understanding why it’s important to choose the right tie downs as well as the proper way to use them.

Many of the top builders with featured vehicles at the Grand National Roadster Show are already trusting Mac’s. If your build is being showcased at the event, there’s still time to order. You can order today and receive your tie downs in time to ensure your build arrives to the event safe and damage-free.

Pro Pack Premium Tie-Downs with Axle Straps

Tie Downs for Your Specific Vehicle Weight

We come across situations where the Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) of the tie down strap is not strong enough to keep the static weight of the vehicle in place. With a static weight of 3,000-pounds, one might assume that a 5,000-pound capacity tie-down strap would suffice. This is a common misconception. As a rule, a tie-down strap should be rated for three times the vehicle’s static weight. Therefore, a 3,000-pound vehicle needs a minimum 9,000-pound capacity tie-down strap.


That’s why we don’t manufacture a 5,000-pound capacity 2" tie-down strap. All of our 2" tie-down straps are rated at 10,000-pounds to ensure your vehicle stays in place until you get to your destination.

Shop Mac’s automotive tie-downs strap packs.

Axle Strap with Fleece Sleeve Protector

Extra Protection for Your Vehicle’s Finishes

Your vehicle’s exterior is just as important as the interior. Minor scuffs could be the difference between winning and losing a competition. That’s why, in addition to the protective sleeve that comes standard around the Axle Strap, we’ve created the Fleece Sleeve Protector. Using 3/8" foam padding, the Fleece Sleeve Protector wraps around your Axle Strap to protect your high-end finishes such as the rear axle or wheels.

Shop Mac’s Fleece Sleeve Protector.

Series 3 VersaTie Track in use

Complete Your Tie-Down Package with VersaTie Track

You shouldn’t have to compromise your tie-down situation because you have vehicles of different lengths and widths. That’s when our VersaTie Track becomes an integral part of your tie-down package. With anchor point every inch, you have the flexibility to secure whatever you’re hauling without sacrificing peace of mind. Four different profiles and lengths up to 16 feet are available to give your trailer a professional look. Our patented aircraft-grade aluminum track can even be found as factory equipment in several leading trailer brands.

Shop Mac’s VersaTie Track, and watch our video series on How to Install It.

2" Strap with Twisted Snap Hook attached to a Weld-On Axle Housing Bracket

Permanent Anchor Points

There are times when you can’t, or don’t want to, use an axle strap on your vehicle. We have the perfect solution. Our Weld-On Axle Housing Bracket design can be mounted to virtually any axle housing for a permanent anchor point. This creates an abrasion-free tie-down situation and eliminates contact with critical vehicle components such as brake lines, wires and hoses.

Shop Mac’s Weld-On Axle Housing Bracket.

Tire Straps with VersaTie Idlers securing a vehicle for transport on a tilt trailer.

A Minimal-Contact Solution

For any build, minimal contact between the tie downs and the vehicle is key. Our Tire Block Straps only come in contact with the vehicle’s tires. Three adjustable rubber tire blocks with tread-lock teeth bite into the tire’s rain groove as the webbing is tightened. Using an idler and VersaTie Track, this design is perfect for low-lying vehicles and avoids contact with the axle, chassis and wheels.

For protecting your vehicle during the loading process, high-quality straps deserve high-quality loading ramps. Especially critical for low-profile cars, Race Ramps Trailer Ramps are a lightweight solution to ensuring that bumpers won't scrap, and they also have a Tilt Trailer Ramp available if that's your trailer of choice.

Shop Mac’s Tire Block Strap Pack or Single Tire Blocks.

Tailor-made wheel net in use with VersaTie Track

Mac’s Knows Custom Solutions

No matter what you’re hauling, we have a solution to keep it secure. Whether it’s an off-the-shelf product or a completely custom design, like our Custom-Fit Tire Nets. Each net is made-to-order to your specific wheel specifications, ensuring a perfect fit every time. No matter how big or small, Mac’s does it all.

Shop Mac’s Custom-Fit Tire Nets.

The most important thing to remember is safety. No matter what tie downs you use, be sure that whatever you’re hauling is secure. If you aren’t sure which solution is best for your vehicle and trailer, give us a call or Contact Us. Our knowledgeable team can answer all your questions and walk you through the proper way to tie down your vehicle. That’s what we’re here for!

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