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Track Your Haul


What are the industry's strongest tie downs without comparable anchor points? No need to worry. Mac's has you covered. With a wide variety of designs, profiles, lengths and strengths, there's a track solution for your needs.

VersaTie L-Track

Four profiles, custom lengths up to 16' and custom hole patterns, if necessary. Our VersaTie track is sleek because we precision mill each track from a single extrusion of aluminum. The value of our track system is in its flexibility, and how you use your VersaTie track system is only limited by your imagination!

VersaTie track profiles
  • Series 1: Surface-Mounted Track with Contoured Edge. Combines a smooth, integrated look with the ease of surface-mounted installation.
  • Series 2: Recess-Mounted Track with Flush Edge. When you want flexible tie-down points but don't want the raised profile of a typical track system, this track recess mounts to provide a smooth, flush finish.
  • Series 3: Surface-Mounted Track with Wide Contoured Edge. Features gradually contoured edges for a stylish look.
  • Series 4: Recess-Mounted Track with Flanged Edge. The low profile of a recessed track with the added protection of a surface flange, to cover the cut edges for a clean finish. This track works particularly well on coated trailer surfaces to protect the free edges from delamination.

Watch how to install our VersaTie Track here


Working on a van conversion? Use Mac's VersaTie track on the floor, walls and ceiling to keep gear secure and out of the way.

E/A-Track with mac's tie-downs


An ideal solution for vehicle transport, commercial and industrial applications, our E/A-Track (aka aluminum E-Track) fits a variety of fittings for secure tie-down points anywhere on the floor or wall of your trailer.

HD Tube Track with Low-Profile Lashing Winch
HD Tube Track with the Low-Profile Lashing Winch

HD Tube Track

The strongest track solution in the industry, the one-of-a-kind HD Tube Track (patent-pending) is specifically designed to replace a partial strip of your trailer's wood decking. When installed, the HD Tube Track lies flush with the trailer deck. Attachment holes hit common trailer cross-member center lines and can be bolted or welded in place.

Even better, it's compatible with the Mac's D-Ring and Low-Profile Lashing Winch.


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