Motorcycle Handlebar Tie-Down Harness

Protect Grips and Finishes when Transporting Your Bike

The Canyon Dancer cupped handlebar harness gives you a place to attach tie downs to a motorcycle or scooter that is high and wide, for good support. They are a great way to provide a forward tie-down point in limited clearance applications. Using a handlebar harness keeps your tie downs away from expensive paint and plastic body work. The soft lining along the center portion of the strap prevents chaffing against the goose neck or gas tank.

To secure your bike, simply place the grip cups or soft loops on the handlebar grips. Then, hook one end of your tie-down strap through the other end of the handlebar harness and secure to your hardpoint.


The Canyon Dancer cupped handlebar harness is designed with a 1,800 lb Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) per side, making it strong enough to handle the heaviest bike.

Choose Your Grip Attachment Style

    • Motorcycle Handlebar Harness with Grip Cups

      Reinforced Grip Cup

      The grip cups are designed to keep the harness strap from creeping inward along the grip and damaging bodywork. The generous size of the cups will accommodate even the fattest grips in the industry and eliminate possible damage to soft grips and heated grips that can occur with a soft-loop handlebar harness.

      The grip cups are made of tough, injection-molded polycarbonate and reinforced with a stainless steel D-ring inlay, for added safety.

    • Motorcycle Handlebar Harness with Grip Soft Loops

      Grip Soft Loop

      The original grip soft loop design by Canyon Dancer remains a favorite by enthusiasts who transport sport bikes. It is made entirely of polyester webbing and sewn with polyester thread. It remains one of the safest and easiest ways to secure a motorcycle for transport.