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1" x 6' ATV & Motorcycle Cam Utility Pack with S-Hooks & Keepers - Blue

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Key Features:

  • What's included: (4) 6' Cam straps with S-hook and keeper ends, (4) soft loops, (4) strap bands and (1) small duffle bag
  • Premium nylon webbing with double box stitch pattern to ensure maximum tear resistance

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Against defects in workmanship and materials.
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Made to Order
In Sagle, ID
Every product is hand-stitched and/or assembled in America, with American labor.
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Heavy-duty stitch patterns ensure maximum tear resistance.
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Superior strap material for better UV resistance and chafe protection over "standard" straps.

Choose the 1" end fitting and attachment style for your needs

Every trailer is different, just like every trailer application is different. Choose the 1" end fitting that works best for your setup, and decide if you need a ratchet strap with a direct hook end for better accessibility, or a sewn fixed end for more length. Read about all of our attachment styles.

Spring-Loaded Cam Buckle

The Cam Buckle offers a low-profile tensioner that cinches quicker and is perfect for cargo that might be damaged by excessive tension, such as kayaks or other thin-walled equipment. It has a spring-loaded, thumb-depressed cam that is electroplated for corrosion resistance. The teeth engage the strap to hold cargo firmly in place. To adjust, simply thread the strap through the cam buckle and pull taut. Because it doesn't have the leverage of a ratchet tensioner, the risk of damage to lightweight cargo is minimized.

Strap Band

Tie up loose webbing with Mac's Strap Band. Included as part of all of our 1" webbing packs, the Strap Band is a great solution for storing straps neatly, as well as a way to tie up excess webbing while hauling your load. Too many times we see all the excess webbing flapping around in the wind, beating on your cargo. In addition to tying up webbing or straps, use it all around the shop or garage. From air lines to extension cords, they're great for cable management and more!

Small Canvas Storage Bag

The Mac's Small Black Duffle Bag is the perfect size to stow your tie downs. The tough canvas construction will take the bumps and bruises. The integral handles are made of webbing that wraps around the entire bag for better weight support. It's the perfect size to toss behind the seat in your truck, or in your car's trunk, for general purpose tie downs.

Break Strength:
1,200 lbs.
Work Load Limit:
400 lbs.
More Information

There's a right way to tie down your bike and a wrong way. At Mac's, we're adamant about keeping your bike or utility vehicle in pristine condition. The Mac's Utility Pack securely holds your bike or ATV in place for the ride, without scuffs or scrapes.

The ATV/Motorcycle Utility Pack includes four 1" cam buckle tie-down straps with S-hook ends and keepers, four 18" soft loops, four strap bands and one small duffle bag. The S-Hooks on each of the tie downs are encased in a full coat of thick, ruggedized vinyl. Mac's 1" tie-down straps are well known for their strength and dependability, and there's a good reason why. It starts with our premium nylon strapping, rated to 2,800 lbs. Minimum Break Strength (MBS), which significantly improves chafing and UV resistance over box store straps.

During construction of each strap, we sew all ends using the highest stitch count in the industry. You can see this in our characteristic "double box" stitch pattern that ensures maximum tear resistance. After tightening your straps, tuck away the excess with the included Mac's strap bands. Each strap band is made of "hook-and-loop" lined rugged strapping, to keep your ends from flapping in the breeze. When you arrive at your destination, use the strap bands to stow your tie-downs neatly in the included Mac's Small Black Duffle Bag.

  • What's included: (4) 6' Cam straps with S-hook and keeper ends, (4) soft loops, (4) strap bands and (1) small duffle bag
  • Premium nylon webbing with double box stitch pattern to ensure maximum tear resistance

We stand by our products. Mac's will repair and/or replace any defective parts.