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35" to 40" Y-Strap with Adjustable Loop - Pink

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Key Features:

  • What's included: (1) 2" Y-Strap
  • Premium polyester webbing with heavy-duty 8" stitch pattern to ensure maximum tear resistance
  • Fit tire sizes from 35" up to 40"

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Against defects in workmanship and materials.

made in sagle, ID
Made to Order
In Sagle, ID

Every product is hand-stitched and/or assembled in America, with American labor.

heavy duty stitching

Heavy-duty stitch patterns ensure maximum tear resistance.

premium quality

Superior strap material for better UV resistance and chafe protection over "standard" straps.


Easy-Release Ratchet Mechanism

Recent design changes to our ratchet handles make them better than ever! The strap mandrel is now free-wheeling, eliminating any "stickiness" common when adjusting most other ratchets. The one-piece handle and addition of mandrel caps makes this handle 40% more rigid and keeps debris out of the moving parts.

3' 4"
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Built so your spare finishes the race with you! The Mac's Y-Strap offers several advantages over typical spare tire tie-down solutions. Blowing a tire in the middle of nowhere is bad enough. Discovering your spare flew off a mile earlier is worse. Y-Straps need to do more than look good holding a spare. Your tie-down system needs to handle the demands of off road racing, and recent changes banning tire balls in certain race series make it even more important to be able to depend on your spare.

Mac's Y-Strap is built to survive. This racer-first approach to our equipment is also why Mac's Y-Straps look so good. Our Y-Strap is rated to 5,000 lb. Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS), giving you plenty of safety margin. The foundation of our Y-Strap is our premium webbing. This is the same 12,000 lb-rated material used on our vehicle tie-down straps. It offers superior UV and abrasion resistance, so you can count on years of survival through rough terrain. But strap assemblies are only as good as the stitching that holds them together. That's why each connection on a Mac's Y-Strap is sewn using the highest stitch count in the industry. All metal components on our Y-Strap now include our improved zinc coating for even better corrosion resistance.

We've completely redesigned our ratchet to release the first time, every time. The easy-release ratchet handle eliminates any adjustment stickiness, because during a race, every second counts - including when changing a tire. The primary leg of the Mac's Y-Strap is ratcheted, but we've also incorporated adjustment buckles into the two "static" legs, which connect to our unique Direct D-Slide ring. Together, this make centering the straps on your wheel easier than ever. The assembly adjusts to a perfect fit on tire sizes from 35" up to 40".

  • What's included: (1) 2" Y-Strap
  • Premium polyester webbing with heavy-duty 8" stitch pattern to ensure maximum tear resistance
  • Fit tire sizes from 35" up to 40"

We stand by our products. Mac's will repair and/or replace any defective parts.