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Safety in the Skies and on the Ground


’Ze Plane! ‘Ze Plane!

Pacific Skies Aviation, a flight school based in Torrance, CA, understands that proper safety on the ground is just as important as teaching safety in the skies. That’s why the school chooses Mac’s. They needed a tie down solution that is strong, easy to use for students and durable enough to withstand the California weather.


Tie Down No Matter Where You Land

Mac’s Aircraft Pack is built specifically for smaller planes. Each strap utilizes premium 1-inch webbing, the highest stitch count in the industry, an S-Hook with Keeper attachment style and a protective soft loop extension for when a proper attachment point is not available on the tail of the plane.

Aircraft Pack

The Aircraft Pack is ideal for securing your plane where anchor points are available (i.e. airport hanger).

Available in 9 colors including black, blue, red, yellow, lime green, purple, silver, orange and pink.


Also Available with Anchors

Optional lightweight cast aluminum stakes can be easily driven into the ground with an impact driver or t-bar socket driver, no matter the soil type.

Cars, Cargo and More…Mac’s Can Secure It!

Don’t fly a plane? No need to worry. Mac’s has tie downs to protect your passion, no matter what.


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