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Featured Product

GripLockTies™ Now Available at Mac's


We’ve all experienced issues with standard zip ties. You can only use them one time. The rigid design could damage wires, cables or whatever you’re securing. Plus, they’re hard to cut loose.

GripLockTies™ fix all those issues. The rubber lining prevents wire and cable damage. Plus, they’re reusable. Unlock, reseal and reuse as many times as you need.


Mac’s is More Than Tie Downs

Did you know Mac’s is known for more than just the strongest automotive and utility tie downs in the industry? Our accessories are designed to make hauling and everyday tasks easier. These versatile items can be used in your trailer, or around your shop and house.

Comfort No Matter Where You Work

If you’re on your back or knees in the shop, at the track or around the house, the Mac’s Mat keeps you comfortable and clean while you work.


Strap Wraps for More Than Storage

We love seeing Mac’s products in use but often don’t see the included Strap Wraps being utilized to their full potential. They’re more than just a way to keep your straps organized in storage.

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