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Countless Utility Tie-Down Uses


There are countless uses for Mac's 1" utility tie downs, with the most popular use being to secure motorcycles for safe transport. Give your two-wheeled toys the same protection as your full-size vehicle and build a complete motorcycle tie-down package with a Utility Tie-Down Pack, our Motorcycle Wheel Chock, and our Motorcycle Spreader Bar.

motorcycle on trailer with chock, spreader bar and tie-downs
Transport your bike right with Mac's Wedge Chock, Spreader Bar, and 1" Tie-Downs

Don't forget about track and anchor points, such as our Double-Stud Anchor Plates.

ATV on trailer with chock, spreader bar and tie-downs
Our 1" Straps are perfect for keeping ATVs secure on your trailer.

Utility Tie Downs for Any Haul

You can easily let your imagination run wild with what you can secure using Mac's Utility Tie Downs. If you can't find what you're looking for, give us a call at 800-666-1586. We're no stranger to custom solutions.

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