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1979 Ford 4WD Conversion


With the rising cost of new trucks, many enthusiasts are choosing to purchase an older model and upgrade to modern conveniences, performance and safety. In today’s market, however, older truck models are extremely popular and 4-wheel-drive trucks will generate top dollar. That limits the options for those on a budget.

What if you could expand your search to include 2-wheel-drive trucks and convert to 4-wheel-drive using aftermarket components for a fraction of the price? That's now an option thanks to 4-wheel-drive conversion kits from companies like Battleborn Brakes.


When Colin purchased a 2-wheel-drive 1979 Ford F-250, he knew that some major upgrades were needed. Living in Idaho, a 4-wheel-drive truck is necessary. Plus, most early truck models use drum brakes that can't support today’s added power and performance. Upgrading to disc brakes was the way to go.

Through forums, Colin connected with Jacob at Battleborn Brakes. Using Colin’s truck as the test mule, Jacob developed a number of 4-wheel-drive conversion components.

There is still some leg-work needed by the owner before upgrading to 4-wheel-drive. To start, Colin sourced a 2006 super duty front axle, a late-model differential and upgraded to disc brakes at the rear. He was then able to integrate Battleborn Brakes components to turn his 2-wheel-drive truck into a true 4-wheel-drive beast.

  • Super-duty front axle, steering and suspension kit
  • Super-duty power brake booster and master cylinder
  • Rear leaf spring brackets

Colin’s truck might look like a 1979 from the outside, but inside and underneath it has all modern-day conveniences and safety with super duty 4-wheel-drive capabilities.

Check out all the early-model Ford truck components available from Battleborn Brakes.


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