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Bonner County EMS Installation


The fine folks from the Bonner County EMS stopped by Mac’s with an interesting vehicle. It’s a modified Polaris utility vehicle with an ambulance box on the rear. They were using big-box store tie-downs that were not getting the job done. The vehicle would move considerably in transit and they had difficulty positioning it on the trailer to ensure proper weight distribution. Luckily at Mac’s we have solutions to solve all of those problems.

First, we used UTV Tire Net Packs to keep the vehicle secured to the trailer. We then went a step further and installed L-Shaped Wheel Chocks on the trailer deck to not only help center the vehicle but also ensure proper weight distribution.

L-Shaped Wheel Chocks
Two L-Shaped Wheel Chocks installed on the trailer deck.

An initial thought when a person hears of a vehicle moving side-to-side in a trailer is to cross the straps. We aren’t fans of crossing straps here at Mac’s. We always suggest a wheel chock to add extra stability when a vehicle is being hauled. The L-Shaped Wheel Chock was a perfect solution for this project.

With the chock in place, one person can easily back the vehicle onto the trailer, and automatically knows when the vehicle is centered and reaches the ideal stopping point. Since this is the only vehicle being hauled on this trailer, we bolted the chock to the deck. However, you can also use a quick pin and drop the chock on the trailer deck as needed.

We were able to use our Double-Stud Anchor Plates on this project. This new anchor plate accepts a Mac’s double-stud fitting, unlike our individual Mac’s anchor plates that will only accept Mac’s single-stud fittings. This anchor plate is perfect for applications like a UTV that require a robust tie-down location but don’t necessarily need any adjustment. Using this anchor plate with a direct-hook ratchet allows the cargo to be drawn toward the floor keeping it in place.

UTV Tire Net
Freshly-installed UTV Tire Nets in use.

When the shining stars from Bonner County EMS came to pick up their rig they were extremely happy with the upgrades. The heavy-duty design of the UTV Tire Net Packs keeps the vehicle in place and virtually eliminates movement. The big-box store solution used D-Rings and ran the risk of coming disconnected when the vehicle would compress in transit. Don’t have to worry about that now. The L-Shaped Wheel Chock helped tremendously with loading the vehicle onto the trailer, ensuring it’s centered left-to-right but also front-to-rear every time.

These are just some of the solutions available to keep your vehicle safe during transit. Call 800-666-1586 and one of our product experts can help you choose the right product for your application.

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