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Don't Fall Short With Your Tie Downs


If You Haul It, Mac’s Can Secure It

Whether heading to the trail, or on the trail itself, Mac’s has tie-down solutions to keep all your Fall gear secure and help keep you moving.

ATV Tire Nets

Adjustable ATV Tire Nets utilize our 1″ webbing and fit 24″ to 26″ diameter tires. This tie-down option keeps your vehicle in place while allowing your vehicle’s suspension to absorb the bumps of the road.


Tree Trunk Protector Strap

Protect trees from damage due to direct contact with a winch line. Available with a 27,000-pound or 37,000-pound Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS).


Recovery Strap

Be prepared to get out of any sticky situation. Various breaking strength options available up to 57,000 pounds, as well as 20-foot or 30-foot strap lengths.


Double Stud Anchor Plate

Create a heavy-duty tie-down point wherever you need it. Includes Double Stud Pear-Shaped Tie-Down Rings.


Don’t forget the Mac’s 1″ tie-down solutions available for all your cargo and gear. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for give us a call at 800-666-1586 to build a custom solution.

Be Sure Your Tie Downs are Ready for the Trails

Fall weather is around the corner. But before you load up all your gear, be sure to inspect your tie downs for wear and tear. Our re-webbing service is an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a complete pack.

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