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When Improper Tie-Down Use Leads to Diaster

No image of C3 corvette accident - I don't think we can use this one

When Improper Tie-Down Use Leads to Disaster

This C3 Corvette was being delivered to its new owner when the tow vehicle started to swerve, then jackknife. The Corvette was thrown from the trailer and onto its roof. State troopers determined the cause to be an improper tie down. While tragic, we’re thankful no one was hurt. Still, this could have been prevented.

Mac’s is Here to Help Keep You and Your Cargo Safe

That’s what drives us. For 25 years, our passion for making the equipment to protect you and your cargo has never wavered. With patented heavy-duty ratchets, premium polyester webbing and detailed hand fabrication in our Idaho facility, we don’t cut corners. There’s too much riding on it.

We want you to be safe. Before you hit the road again, here are a few tie-down tips Colin has given over the past decade.

Tie-Down Straps For Any Application

Mac’s proudly manufactures the strongest and widest variety of tie-down straps to secure whatever you are hauling. If you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t be discouraged. Give us a call to discuss a custom solution.


Everything to Complement Your Tie-Down Straps

In addition to the strongest tie-down straps in the industry, Mac’s has a complete line of complementary tie-down components. From track and deck hardware to solutions for your shop, Mac’s has everything you need to keep your vehicle and supplies safe.

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