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How To Thread a Ratchet Strap for the First Time


Many straps, including just about all of our Mac's straps, arrive pre-threaded onto the ratchet (our Tire Block Straps and UTV Nets are the exception). Should your webbing slip out, there's how to thread the strap properly from a professional, as well as a brief step-by-step outline:

Step by Step

Threading webbing strap through ratchet mandrel
Left: Mandrel; right: Threading the webbing

Step 1. Thread webbing through mandrel

Pull webbing through ratchet mandrel

Step 2. Pull a large amount of the excess through

Pull webbing through ratchet mandrel

Step 3. Lay the excess over the webbing so both layers are flat

Step 4. Operate the ratchet handle to start tightening the webbing up

With the ratchet threaded, you'll be able to hook up your end fittings to your anchor points and ratchet up the rest of the slack for a tight, properly-tensioned secure strap.

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