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Success Story

"I’m a Mac’s User for Life Now!"


Eric K. has been club racing since 2015 and currently competes in the GRIDLIFE Touring Cup. His most recent passion build, a 1992 Honda Civic Sedan, debuted last season. After a few upgrades in the off-season,he finished second in the first round of the 2023 GLTC season.

HYBRIDRACING - Eric K on the track
Eric whizzing by in the '92 Honda Civic

Their trip home to Ohio from the race in Texas did not go as planned. During the overnight drive, they were in an accident. The tow rig, open trailer and Civic veered off the road and ended up in a deep ditch/creek. The tow rig took most of the impact, and the trailer landed upside down on the roof of the Civic.

Tow rig, open trailer and Civic wrecked in a ditch
1992 Honda Civic upside down, strapped to an open trailer after an accident
Left: The aftermath of the accident. Right: The upside down Civic, still strapped to the open trailer.

Despite careening down a steep hill and overturning, the Civic remained strapped to the trailer thanks to the Mac’s tie-down straps. Although the car obviously suffered damage from landing on its roof, it remained in place on the trailer. The only issue was a popped D-ring. This situation could have been a lot worse if the tie-down straps failed and the vehicle flew off the trailer.

Front view of the upside down trailer, with the blue Mac's strap visible dangling from the Civic
Front view of the totalled truck with crumpled front end and destroyed passenger side front tire
Left: Another look at the upturned trailer with webbing from Eric's Mac's strap visible. Right: The extensive damage to the truck's front end.

Luckily, Eric and his dad were uninjured and no one else was involved. This situation is a testament to the importance of choosing high-quality tie-down straps. Choosing a product that has been stress-tested under these conditions and proven to not fail. The incident could have been a lot worse and all the Civic’s damage is fixable.

Eric has been using Mac’s products for more than 7 years, and after this incident, is a Mac’s user for life. He uses the Mac’s Ultra Pack, which is our most popular. It has a 10,000-pound break strength and a 3,335-pound working load limit. It includes detachable axle straps and everything you need for a safe and secure tie-down situation. Do you trust your current tie downs to survive this accident?

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