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Mac's Axle Straps - More Than the Name Implies


The Mac's Axle Strap is an important component to any tie-down package. But there are many more uses for an axle strap than routing around an axle housing. Our friend JJ Furillo from Ultimate Performance helped demonstrate the versatility of the Mac's Axle Strap.

An Axle Strap for Your Application

With four lengths, there is an axle strap for your application. For through-the-wheel applications, use our Axle Strap with a Padded Fleece Sleeve. When a delta ring won't fit through the wheel, try our Lasso Axle Strap.

sleeve protector
Axle straps and sleeve protectors provide a safe, protected option for your vehicle transport.

If you can't find the ideal axle strap for your specific application, give us a call at 800-666-1586. We're no stranger to custom solutions.

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