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I Didn't Know Mac's Sold That


Over the past 26 years, the Mac's product line has expanded beyond tie-down straps. Whether you're hauling, working in the shop or around the house, you might be surprised by the Mac's solutions to make it easier. Below are a few products you might not have known are available from Mac's.

Dyno Sleeve

The Mac's Dyno Heat Shield protects up to 600 degrees Farenheit, because we all know what hot pipes do to a strap!


Lashing Winches

We offer several lashing winch models for 2" webbing, depending on your application. Left- and right-handed lashing winch allow can be bolted or welded into position for quick release and easy operation of ratchets. Our low profile lashing winch, which works with both left- and right-hand use, is available with our monkey face as well as HD tube track systems.


Jack Cradle

Keep your floor jack secure when on the road with our floor jack cradle. Designed to fit most floor jack makes and models, it has molded-through holes for semi-permanent mounting if needed.


Pit Ramps

This pair of pit ramps each have hand holds to make it easier to position them in front of car tires in the pit. Molded to fit most tire sizes, they allow you to get that extra little bit of height in order to slide your jack under the car.


Dragster Bridle

Specifically designed for a full-size or junior dragster, this bridle allows you to safely tow through the pit area. Its unique design lays over the front of the dragster nose and won't roll under the wheels.



GripLockTies™ are so much more than a disposable zip tie. These tiny treasures come with rubber lining to prevent wire and cable damage and can be used over and over again. Unlock, reseal and reuse as many times as you need.

Handlebar Harness


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