The Tie-Down Debate: Cross vs. Don’t Cross

The Tie-Down Debate: Cross vs. Don’t Cross

Aug 21, '19

The Debate: Crossing Straps vs. Not Crossing Straps

Crossing straps versus not crossing straps has been long debated. After more than 25 years we’ve seen a lot, and put together our thoughts and recommendations. Remember that many factors affect your tie-down placement and each situation is different.


The Right Components to Build Your Tie-Down Package

In addition to the strongest tie-down straps, Mac’s has all the necessary components to build a package for your vehicle and trailer design.


Mac’s Wheel Chocks Prevent Side-to-Side Migration

Instead of crossing your tie-down straps to prevent side-to-side, vehicle migration, the Mac’s L-Shaped Wheel Chocks are a perfect addition to your trailer.

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